A rainbow into Blodgett Canyon west of Hamilton at sunrise Wednesday is a harbinger of better weather into the weekend. The National Weather Service forecast is predicting temperatures back into the 70s and 80s with the lows in the 40s as we enter the final days of spring. Summer arrives officially June 20th, by the way.

The rivers and streams are starting to come out of high water season but are still running full, fast and muddy. Our advice is to stay off the rivers for a little while longer. The muddy water hides debris like submerged tree branches that can put you into a dangerous situation in moments. And, the Bitterroot River always finds new channels each year, requiring extra caution for anyone on floating the waters. Snowmelt always increases the streamflow, but it is not going to last. In fact, the predictions from the Natural Resource and Conservation District are suggesting a lower river level than normal in late summer. That, added to forecasts of a warmer, drier summer, is leading to predictions of a more dangerous forest fire season. It's always good advice any time of the year to make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving your campsite. Some small fires have already been stopped by Bitterroot National Forest crews this year. Enough of that, though... enjoy the rainbows when you find them.

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