I bought my first Led Zeppelin album at the Gambles store in Hamilton. I asked my resident rock "experts" (the guys who had their own bands) if they knew anything about Led Zeppelin. They knew the name, but not the music.

The Hindenburg image on the cover won me over and I bought the album. And I bought their next album, and the next.... They became my favorite rock band, ever.

When they announced that Led Zeppelin would be part of the Kennedy Center Honors, I cringed at the thought of who would try to cover their songs. And, though they gave it their best shot that night, Foo Fighters and Kid Rock didn't do it for me. Lenny Kravitz came close.

Then along comes Ann and Nancy Wilson and, in front of a stage filled with musicians, they nailed it. The late John Bonham's son Jason was the man with the drums, and Ann Wilson's vocals.....I got tears in my eyes. What a tribute!

Judge for yourself. And turn it up. Even Robert Plant smiled.