The wildfire smoke caused a potential problem for the final 2017 "Music on Main" free street dance for the Hamilton Downtown Association September 8th.

The smoke had steadily been at the "Unhealthy" level all week and cancellations of outdoor events were happening with a disturbing regularity.

A meeting with the folks of the ATR office on the 200 block of Main solved the problem.

The large open area inside the building was turned into a concert hall with the Big Sky Mudflaps providing the dance tunes. (See photo)

Yellow Sea Horse Studios provided the sound system inside and outside the building, and the HDA organization had their adult beverage stand in a "parklet" area comprised of three parking spaces in front of ATR.

The smoke cleared a bit at the time of the free Friday event and people wandered both inside and outside during the late summer evening.

The Hamilton Downtown Association plans to have summer evening Music on Main concerts again next year.