One of the great services of Montana's MSU Extension Office is a series of information publications called MontGuides. The goal is to provide Montanans with basic information about just about anything that deals with life in the state. Already over the years they've published these brief guides on such topics as personal finances and various agriculture issues. But there are now six new ones that have have been added to the selections.

The fact sheets include:

  • Transfer on Death Deeds in Montana. The guide concerns the process where a person can leave real property to a beneficiary upon their death without going through probate. The rules are specific to Montana.
  • Stigma Free Addictions Terminology for Montanans. In four pages, it gives a snapshot of substance use in the state and lists terms that can cause stigmas toward people with substance abuse issues such as alcohol and drugs.
  • Quitclaim Deeds in Montana. This MontGuide explains the deeds, along with when they're used and the risks, and includes tax issues that might be involved.
  • Growing Cold-Hardy Berries and Small Fruits in Montana. Some fruits thrive in our climate and the MontGuide lists currants, gooseberries, dwarf sour cherries, aronia and haskaps as some of the hardier ones. Information comes from the Ag Experiment Stations of MSU, including the site near Corvallis.
  • Animal Unit Month (AUM) Lease Rates. It's a quick guide for livestock producers and landowners who want to rent out their land for grazing - whether it's forested, dryland or rangeland. It includes ways to compute the rates.
  • Fire-resistant Landscaping Considerations for Montana's Wildland Urban Interface. This one is especially important for the Bitterroot Valley. We have so many homes in the WUI. Just ask folks who experienced the Roaring Lion forest fire a few years ago. Some knowledge about landscaping is valuable.
  • All of these guides and the numerous previous guides can be viewed at online at the Extension Service store, where they can be downloaded for free. Or drop by your local Extension Office if you have questions. The one in the Bitterroot Valley is in the north end of the Ravalli County Administration Center on South 4th Street.

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