It was the State Class A Football Championship last Saturday afternoon and our KLYQ sports announcers Owen Burch and Brett Heath were there. However, on that November 17, circumstances prevented them from broadcasting in the new enclosed facilities at the Hamilton High School Sports Complex. School officials provided them a table and a power supply in the grandstands and the dedicated broadcast team dressed properly (see photo) for what was the coldest game of the year for the Hamilton Broncs. The low temperatures didn't seem to bother the broadcast equipment and the game was successfully aired on Hamilton and Billings radio stations. Unfortunately, Hamilton lost to Billings Central 28 to 21.

We thank the fans for letting our guys invade their space on the bleachers. And for Brett and Owen - extra rations of hot chocolate mix are coming your way! Now, it's on to Hamilton Bronc and Lady Bronc basketball in December on KLYQ 1240 AM and