My compadres at KYSS FM radio had no idea that a little on-air benefit auction to raise money to take kids in need shopping would continue for 16 years!

It is back for a glorious 16th year - KYSSmas for Kids! It even has an official logo (see picture) that captures the Montana spirit to make sure every child has a bright Christmas.

The goal is simple. We raise money by auctioning off some great items Friday, November 30. The money is used to take as many kids as possible shopping for presents. These are kids that local relief organizations have selected as children that otherwise might not have a very bright Christmas. The radio station staff actually meets them at a store, tells them how much they have to spend and sends 'em down the aisles.

Now, here is the cool part that happens every single year! Many of the kids don't buy things for themselves, but buy presents for their brothers and sisters. The spirit of giving carries through the whole event.

Now, to make this happen, we need some great items to give away. If you have something that you know will "bring in the bucks," (and I'm not talking about hunting season), call us at 523-9803. You've got to do it before November 30 - the earlier the better.

Then, starting with my buddies Craig and Al that morning, listen in to KYSS FM, 94.9 on the dial, and bid big. There will be hourly specials and lots of fun phone calls. Scott and Denny will be joining in as the day goes along.

It's one day only, and it's immediate action. Kind of a radio thing, y'know.

KYSSmas for Kids, from Townsquare Media and the staff of all of our stations in Missoula and Hamilton.

KYSSmas for Kids – 16th Annual Christmas Auction: Friday, November 30, 6 a.m.-7 p.m. on 94.9 KYSS FM. Live radio auction.