Ice fishing, skating or walking on the frozen Lake Como northwest of Darby is not advised. In fact, driving to the lake is hazardous.

Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest said that recent sunny days with warmer than normal temperature have dealt a double whammy on Lake Como activities.

Darby District Ranger Chuck Oliver has reported the ice has melted enough on the popular lake to make it an uncertain surface in many spots. He is strongly advising people to stay off the ice - no skating, ice fishing or even walking on the shrinking ice layer. "We don't want a fun family outing to turn into a dangerous situation," he said.

Of course, driving to the lake is a problem, too. The snowy surfaces have been melting during the day and turning into glare ice at night, which melts again, adding water on top of the ice, which freezes again. The meltwater is also softening the roadbed.

The forest roads throughout the Bitterroot National Forest may be experiencing the same melting and freezing. Caution is urged to anyone heading out into the backcountry.