A pothole on a Hamilton street at the south end of town kept getting deeper, according to Public Works Director Donny Ramer. Recently, with an underground detector, city crews discovered a major leak near a fire hydrant at the corner of Hope Avenue and US 93, across the highway from Golf Course Road. Ramer told KLYQ that the leak is probably a few years old and has apparently been getting worse each year. So, an immediate repair project is planned for this week.

Thursday, July 30, city crews will dig up the line, find the break and fix it. The waterline involved also crosses the highway, so the westernmost lane of the four-lane road will be closed at the site. The hole will be filled on Thursday. Then, on Friday a paving crew will smooth out the surface. Both Thursday and Friday, southbound travelers on US 93 will have only one lane at the intersection of Golf Course Road July 30 and 31. Also, the westbound lane of Hope Avenue will be closed. The City of Hamilton apologizes for the inconvenience and appreciates your patience.

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