School officials cheered the results of levy elections in the Bitterroot Valley Tuesday. These are unofficial results from the Ravalli County Election Office.

The Corvallis School District, faced with a budget shortfall, passed an operational levy with a vote of 673 in favor and 536 against.

Victor school voters passed a building reserve levy 220 to 117.

With a large voter turnout, the Florence-Carlton School District passed its levy by a vote of 863 in favor and 755 against.

And the Florence Volunteer Firemen had good news with their levy. It passed 875 to 646.

In Trustee elections:
Hamilton elected David Bedey with 1365, Corrine Gantt with 1265 and Nancy J. Roberts with 1197. Also running were Quintin Apedaile with 818 and Ken Payne with 940..

Corvallis voters elected Kathleen Harder-Brouwer with 783 and Wilbur Nisley with 628. Also running was Robert A Jones with 418.

Florence voters elected Melvin Finley with 388 votes over Leo Hansen with 201.

Darby's school board will include Thomas Tyson Lind and Jade R. Muir.

The Victor Park election will take some more work before a final result is reached. There was a tie for one of the two positions. Katie Gehard polled 490 votes, but Jack Barber and Wes Young each had 287. Election Administrator Regina Plettenberg will looking at
state law for direction to take in that situation.

Plettenberg said that the final numbers will change with a few provisional and absentee ballots left to count, but the outcomes will remain the same.

We don't have a report from Darby school election.