All day Saturday, April 11, local Western Montana musicians will be online in LessonFest for the Bitterroot School of Music and Rooted Music in Hamilton. Jenn Adams said the live festival will have back-to-back 45-minute sessions from School of Music teachers and other musicians who will be sharing their experiences in the music world - everything from how to learn new songs to songwriting and plenty of music from jazz to world music to bluegrass.

Cove Jasmin of Shakewell (and a Bitterroot School of Music teacher) will welcome the audience at 10:15 a.m. Saturday. After his 45-minute session, the music and words keep coming (listed below).

10:15 - Cove Jasmin
11 a.m. - Dylan Dwyer - History of the Sax
11:45 - Travis Yost - Recording at home and online
12:30 p.m. - Matt Nord - African rhythms
1:15 - John Floridis - Guitar open tunings
2 p.m. - Geoffry Taylor - Django Jazz violin
2:45 - Campbell Youngblood Peterson - Polyrhythms
3:30 - Susan Gibson - Songwriting tips
4:15 - Mike Conroy - Bluegrass fiddle and mandolin
5 p.m. - Joan Zen - Being a professional musician
5:45 - Erek Foster - Exploring Metal Guitar
6:30 - Eric Monson - Building singing basics
7:15 - Jenn Adams - 3 tips for learning new songs
Check the LessonFest event page on Facebook or Bitterroot School of Music website. They also have ways to donate to the school or the individual musicians. Enjoy!