As one of our favorite pictures from a past Winter Special Olympics shows, the kids are focused and ready to compete! The competition is Tuesday and Wednesday, January 28-29.

For over 30 years, the Lost Trail Powder Mountain Winter Special Olympics succeed in giving kids and adults with developmental disabilities a chance to compete in sports.

It started with a total commitment from Earth and Wood Landscaping at Victor, who have maintained their dedication through the years - including a great fundraiser called the Hacker Open for not-so-good golfers at the Hamilton Golf Course annually.

But, each year more volunteers are needed to help the contestants get from place to place, to help serve food and drink, to keep score and to be part of the cheering, hugging, clapping audience that makes the contests so memorable to everyone involved.

To volunteer, call Carla at (406) 363-3928. Be part of this great event!