A tree thinning project is being proposed for the Lost Trail Ski Area. The area would be between ski runs in the area accessed by the Saddle Mountain Lift (Chair #4 to you skiers).
Currently, there are about 800-1,500 trees per acre there and it's a prime target for the tree-killing Mountain Pine Beetle. The Sula Ranger District officials would like to thin the forest and remove already infected trees, leaving spaces of between 10 to 30 feet between the trees. Total project size is 170 acres.
The mountain pine beetle likes the taste of lodgepole pine and surveys have shown that when the beetle discovers a suitable tree one year, then it spreads to at least 14 nearby trees the next year.
Harvesting would mainby be pre-commercial manual thinning, hand piling and pile burning or mulching.
Public comments are being accepted until June 13. On that comment, include: 1) your name, address and if you're representing and organization. 2) The name "Lost Trail Chair 4 Project." 3) your comment about the project with supporting reasons. 4) Your signature.

Send them to the Sula Ranger District, 7338 Highway 93 South, Sula MT 59871, or fax at (406) 821-1211. On-line you can submit comments at: