The movie "Love Actually" is in (if not at the top) of quite a few "best romance" or "best love" movie lists this Valentine's Day.

My list would put it in the same place, simply because it tackles almost all aspects of love in a very approachable manner. The individual scenes that people take away from viewing the film are cinematic gold.

That led me to create a different kind of list for this "love" weekend. I remember great scenes in movies (that are maybe flawed in some other ways) that show love in all its disguises.

So, in no particular order:

  • Crocodile Dundee - What? That's not on anyone's list! However, the final scenes (spoiler alert) where Sue discovers she's made a mistake and must catch Mick before he leaves on the subway. So, she runs through New York streets, taking off her shoes to go faster, and then over the top of the crowd to Dundee... That's the excitement of newfound love.
  • Always - Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss on her birthday in the early frames of the film. It shows those little touches of magic in a relationship.
  • Somewhere In Time - The opening scene where an elderly woman (played by Susan French, and later by Jane Seymour) implores Christopher Reeve's character to "come back to me" shows an unrequited love that covers literally years.
  • On Golden Pond - Speaking of years, no two actors have ever done a better job showing love between a couple in their later years. Bravo, Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn! Every scene where it's just the two of them can't be better.
  • Little touches of magic... that's what I'm remembering. Many films that are adventures, comedies, dramas, even romances, can capture that spark between humans that we call love.

    Happy Valentine's Day!