The General Election November 3rd in Ravalli County will be a mail-in election, with a huge similarity to the primary election this year. Election Administrator Regina Plettenberg said the ballots will be sent out to all registered voters October 9th. She said the Hamilton postmaster will again make the ballots a priority in handling the envelopes, as he has done in past elections with both absentee and mail-in ballots. Plettenberg has already done some work on making sure registered voters who have changed addresses can re-register before the ballots go out in October. She has checked with the National Change of Address system and is mailing out notifications to those who need to update their information. However, as in the primary, if you don't receive a ballot by the middle of October, contact the Clerk and Recorders Office at the Ravalli County Administration Center on South 4th in Hamilton.

Though there will not be any polling places open, there will be more places to drop off your ballots personally in this election. Officials are now selecting locations on each end of the valley. And there will be a Hamilton location at the Administration center where voters can come with ballot problems. That Hamilton office will be open October 2nd through election day, including Columbus Day and the Saturday before the election. Plettenberg said this ballot has five statewide issues, along with the state and federal races. A Montana public information pamphlet on the issues will be coming out soon. She suggested that voters take some time and study the issues, but try to get the ballots in the mail by October 24. And you don't need to buy a stamp - the mailing is postage paid.

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