As a further move to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton has instituted a "No Visitors" policy, starting Wednesday, April 1st. Officials said the move is a step up from previous visitor restrictions that have been instituted to keep patients and hospital staff safe.

The Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital Incident Command Team said that no visitors can access the building and for patients leaving the hospital, a team member will assist in transporting them to their vehicle at the Emergency Room area. For those who have flu or cold-like symptoms, the hospital advises you to stay home until you have no fever for at least 48 hours. However, if your fever persists for over five or your breathing gets worse, contact your primary care provider, MDMH Convenient Care or the Emergency Department. More information is on the hospital's website.

The Hamilton hospital in mid-March had postponed all elective surgeries and procedures. From the notice: "This suspension will aid in conservation of valuable health care resources, will conserve the blood supply, and protect patients and healthcare providers. If there is a compelling case, in which the patient will be harmed if delayed, then exceptions will be made. All other cases will not be scheduled or performed at this time."