Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital and the MDMH Foundation are joining forces to fund construction of a new Intensive Care Unit at the Hamilton hospital.

Ron Kullick and Sonny LaSalle (see photo) talked to KLYQ News about the need for the five-room extension of the main hospital building.

LaSalle said the current ICU is a three-bed room, with curtains separating the beds, which does not provide enough privacy for patients. The new 3,200 square foot facilities will have separate rooms and more space for improved equipment.

The current ICU has been in service since the hospital was built in 1974. The new facility will cost over $3 million, but already the hospital staff and volunteers have raised, among themselves, over $425,000 to start the public fundraising.

The campaign is called "Power of Health Initiative" and donation opportunities are being planned, with ground-breaking on the construction project hoped for in the fall.