The Masters -- a tradition unlike any other that comes with a price unlike any other.

The prestigious golf tournament is the most expensive ticket for any sporting event, checking in at $4,486 for a pass that you gets in for all four days of the competition.That means you'll find more green in the wallets of the fans than on the winner's jacket.

Much like stocking up on frozen waffles at a price club, it’s better to buy your tickets in bulk for the Masters – the $4,486 is a better bargain than buying individual passes. That’s because the average ticket price for Thursday is $1,786, while the average price for Friday is $1,215. On Saturday, the average is $1,397, while Sunday's is $1,226. We know you didn’t take advanced algebra, so we’ll do the math for you. That comes out to $5,624, almost $1,200 more than if you purchase the four-day package.

Heck, the cheapest ticket you can get to a practice round averages $403. And (in our best Allen Iverson voice) that’s just practice.

The Masters, which tees off April 11, seems to have cast a spell over sports fans because tickets run even more than a little event called the Super Bowl. A ticket to the NFL’s championship game comes to about $1,210. And with that you at least get a pregame bonanza and an elaborate halftime show. With the Masters, you get old men in silly hats constantly reminding you to “shhhh.”

For the amount you're paying to watch golf, you should be allowed to run onto the green and bop Tiger Woods on the fanny like you're playing Wac-A-Mole.