After the U.S. House republican primary debate on Monday, March 24, the MSU College Republicans ran a straw-poll asking attendees who they though would “best represent them in D.C.”

"It was an online texting vote through SMS polls with a total of 115 voters," said Treasurer for the MSU College Republicans Kyndall Miller, who tallied the votes. "The breakout for the votes was Elsie Arntzen with 6, Cory Stapleton with 13, Matt Rosendale with 59, and Ryan Zinke with 37."

Rosendale said he’d like to think the poll results are a sign that his hard work is paying off.

"We've hit all 56 counties now," Rosendale said. "We didn't rely on the central committees holding the Lincoln-Reagan dinners, we actually went out and held events in all 56 counties so that I could introduce myself to the citizens of Montana. In doing so, I had 50 legislators across the state publicly endorse me."

Ryan Zinke, who took second place in the poll, claims to have won the debate “decisively.” As of the last public filing, Zinke was leading the pack in terms of fundraising. The primary vote will occur June 3, as of now, the race is anyone's game.

Matt Rosendale: