Melissa Saville is just moving down the road a bit. Saville was hired by the Ravalli County Commissioners as the new Ravalli County Fairgrounds Manager. She currently is the Administrative Assistant and Office Manager at the Ravalli County Road Department, which is the next door neighbor to the fairgrounds on Fairgrounds Road in Hamilton. Melissa helped with payroll, budgets, public relations and computer programs. She'll continue to help at the road department while she learns her new job.

Saville was interviewed by the County Commission last week and the commissioners voted unanimously to hire her Friday. She replaces Cryss Anderson, who recently resigned after serving five years in the main office of the popular
year-round event center in Hamilton, including the annual Ravalli County Fair. Anderson had been Office Manager and more recently Fairgrounds Manager.

Anderson will be helping Saville this week in the transition at the fair office. The commissioners expressed their confidence in Saville's abilities to take over the job. Chairman Jeff Burrows praised her performance at the road department.

Oh, and there's now a job opening at the Road Department. If you want to be the new administrative assistant and office manager, application deadline is April 9th. There's more information at the Ravalli County website.