In what could prove a turning point for underpants-based tourism, one of England's historic country houses is hoping to raise funds for renovation by putting a pair of Mick Jagger's old altogethers on display.

The Telegraph reports that Jagger unwittingly donated the garments to Knebworth House while passing through the area on tour with the Rolling Stones in 1976. The building's current owner, Henry Lytton Cobbold, explained, "They were left at the bottom of the bed and when we changed the sheets, there they were. They have never been washed and they have been in the safe ever since."

They'll come out of the safe later this summer for an exhibition of rock memorabilia scheduled in honor of Knebworth's 40th anniversary as a rock venue -- and being held in the hopes of raising funds to cover ongoing maintenance at what Cobbold half-jokingly referred to as a "beautiful money pit of a house." Continued Cobbold, "For a historic house like Knebworth, these shows make a massive difference." Admitting they need to come up with more than $15 million "just to keep the house from falling down," he added, "we’re not going to find that from selling cream teas on a Sunday afternoon."

The article didn't mention what else will be on display, but Cobbold laughed that Jagger's underclothes are "the most valuable thing we own" and went on to offer a hint of what visitors might find: "They are a very '70s pair of pants. And they are very small, but they do say Mick Jagger has a very small waist."