Now that spring is officially less than a week away, the National Weather Service has revealed some interesting statistics about the winter of 2012.

Meteorologist Bob Nestor said Friday the average daily temperature this winter was 30.6 degrees, making it the seventh warmest winter in the last 30 years, and the 12th warmest since 1948.

Despite having more moisture than normal, Nestor said Missoula only experienced five days with snowfall of more than one inch. He said the 31.5 inches of total snow is about 5 inches less than normal, He said Missoula only had one event with over 8 inches of snow.

When it comes to arctic cold, Missoula has been the banana belt of Montana. In fact, Nestor said " we have not had a temperature below zero in two years now, which is only the second time in history its ever happened, the last time being 1942 to 1943".

Nestor said Missoula may experience a few snow showers in March, but he is expecting a wet spring through the month of June.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Bob Nestor