This spring's high water in Mill Creek caused a washout on the Bitterroot National Forest's Mill Creek Trail. A section of the trail disappeared near milepost 0.5, requiring a temporary bypass for hikers. Tod McKay of the Bitterroot Forest said that horses were unable to get by the eroded section. A week's closure and repair project will bring the trail back to normal use. Starting August 17, crews will build a 20-foot wide by 10-foot tall retaining wall. The 48-ton structure will allow passage when completed. During the project, hikers can use Cow Creek Trail #3 to access the trail beyond the footbridge.

Crews will be using jack hammers and installing wall materials at the damaged site. That will require the closure of the trailhead and Forest Road #1348. The trail will be closed from the washout to the footbridge at milepost 0.75. Forest Road #1348 will also be closed while the repairs are being made. The project is west of Corvallis in the Stevensville Ranger District and construction will be from August 17 to August 25. If you need more information call (406) 777-5461.

Mill Creek and washed out trail. (BNF-provided Photo)

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