Early today, just four days before the Primary election, the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices, Jim Murray, issued a ruling that GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller violated several campaign finance laws, and could be subject to thousands of dollars in fines. KGVO News spoke with Both Murray and Miller on Friday about the matter. The conversation with Commissioner Murray is below.

KGVO News then contacted Ken Miller, who issued a scathing response to the Commissioner’s decision. Below, find the candidate’s official response.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The timing of this and other recent Commissioner of Political Practice findings should come as no surprise as the Political Practices Commissioner’s office continues to be a political tool attempting to damage a surging Miller for Governor campaign just four days before the primary election. 

Political Practices Commissioner, Jim Murray, AKA: the former Executive Director of the AFL-CIO
union, and whose job just prior to his appointment to COPP by Governor Schweitzer was chief fundraiser for Gov. Schweitzer, is still very much a Democratic Party operative.

COPP’s “summary of facts” was released to the press without notifying the campaign before it was posted online.
After an exhaustive and painstaking review of all of our campaign finances and procedures, none of the allegations made are substantiated.  The not-so-veiled purpose of the very carefully worded findings, which are in dispute, and the extraordinary timing of their release, just four days before primary election day, is a brazen yet anticipated effort to derail the momentum of the Miller/Gallagher primary campaign. The continued usage of this COPP office for character assassination furthers shows the desperate need for reform of that office.
KGVO Radio’s conversation with Ken Miller is below.