So, you’ve mastered the fantasy football thing and think you’re ready for the real thing. Well, you’re in luck.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a professional team (who hasn’t?) and have Internet access (you’re reading this, so you do), now’s the time to cobble together the coins between your cushions and take out a second mortgage: a part-owner of the Cedar Rapids Titans – yes, the Cedar Rapids Titans -- is putting his 20% stake in the team on the market, via Craigslist.

Yes, the same site where you can buy a used blender, unload your collection of old comic books and arrange a rendezvous with a cross-dresser named Gus is now the place to go to purchase a football team.

Mike Polaski, who runs a restaurant, claims his business is hurting, so he’s asking for $80,000 for his portion of the team. Eighty grand for a football team? Not too shabby, considering you’ll spend half that between parking, beer and a foam finger at an exhibition game in the NFL.

The Titans, by the way, play in the two-year-old Indoor Football League, a nine-team outfit whose franchises have slick-sounding names like Blizzard, Storm and Ice (do you get the feeling they're trying to lure in the weatherman demographic?). The Titans are also better than the NFL’s Tennessee Titans – currently they are in first place in their conference with a 3-0 record.