Although all the votes have been cast, Missoula County Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors says the 2015 Municipal Election is not over yet and there will "very likely" be at least one recount.

"At this moment I would say it is still too close to call on some races," Connors said. "The High School Bond, I think we have 180 point spread between the Yes and Nos, and in  the Frenchtown I think we just have a 10 point spread for the For and Against, so those are the ones we are watching."

Connors says there are still 119 provisional ballots left to count, only two are from the Frenchtown area meaning that the Mill Levy there will almost certainly be recounted.  But that process won’t begin until after the canvass next Thursday, November 12.

"What first has to happen is we have to count those provisional ballots and add those totals to our current totals.   and canvass the results to certify the election and finalize those results. and then, within five days after the official canvass a person has a five day window to petition the school district for a recount."

If, after the final tally, the margin of difference for a ballot issue is ten votes or less or less than a quarter of one percent, then voters can request a recount and no bond will need to be posted. If the final margin of difference is less than one half of one percent then voters can request a recount but will have to post bond in order to cover the cost of the recount.

Provisional ballots could bring the high school bond up for a recount as the difference is just a little more than one half of one percent.