A Missoula man walking his dog at about 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 30, encountered a wolf pack on the dog-walking trail.

The man's mother, Amy Woldstad, related the story as told to her by her son.

"At some point on their walk, the dog, a yellow lab, started growling," Woldstad said. "My son spotted four wolves on the trail up ahead of him, at about the first switchback."

Woldstad said her son had to think fast to protect his dog from the wolves.

"He grabbed the dog and went off to the side of the trail," Woldstad said. "He wrapped the dog up in his jacket so the dog couldn't see the wolves, and more importantly, so that the wolves wouldn't be able to see the dog, because the wolves were coming toward him."

Woldstad said her son then had a face to face encounter with the wolves.

"The four wolves went by and the last wolf stopped and looked at him, he was only about four or five feet away," Woldstad said. "After the wolves passed by, he waited a little bit and then he just went down the side of the mountain."

Woldstad said there was no mistake about it..these were definitely wolves.

"My son is an avid hunter, and he knows what wolves are for sure, they were wolves," she said.

Woldstad said she reported the incident to 9-1-1.

Missoula Resident Amy Woldstad