Missoula police are trying to track down a suspect in a theft and assault case that occurred on Sunday May 19, at the Holiday gas station at 605 South Higgins.

"About 11:35 in the morning a female entered the Holiday gas station and attempted to purchase a lighter," said Missoula Police Detective Sgt. Travis Welsh. "The store clerk followed store policy and, apparently, told the female that she couldn't sell her the lighter unless she had identification. The woman did not have identification and the clerk refused to sell her the lighter. The female then  took the lighter anyway and left the store."

After leaving the store, the suspect soon discovered that the store clerk had called the police. Upon this discovery, the suspect returned to the gas station.

"She went behind the counter where the employee was standing and pushed her," Welsh said. "She then punched her on the right side of the head with a closed fist, before she backed out and left the area."

The suspect was wearing a white or light colored skirt, black leggings, and black shoes. She had auburn hair. She was also wearing a black or dark grey hoodie that zipped up in the front with the letters F X R printed on the front.

Any information on this case can be submitted anonymously to Crimestoppers at 721-4444.