Scammers continue to try every angle they can think of to sucker people out of their money. A text message yesterday that said Mathew McConoughey was going to be fired from a project he's working on - and it had a link to follow for the story from a random phone number. Delete it.

A woman lost $100,000 because she was tricked into thinking she was talking to Bruno Mars online and ended up writing a couple large checks to help "Bruno" with "tour issues" because of the pandemic. If a celebrity is asking you for money online - something is fishy and it isn't real.

A scam warning has been issued by the Missoula Police Department that started with fake gift certificates to a local hotel - and it's now grown to include additional businesses.

Scammers are claiming to represent the Missoula Chamber of Commerce when issuing the fake gift certificates. I don't have all the details, but I would guess they're attempting to sell the fake certificates for a cheap price to people who think they're getting a good deal that turns out to not exist. If not that, I'm not exactly sure how the scammers would get money out of the deal.

As the Facebook post above states: If you come across the phony gift certificates or have any information - you're asked to contact Missoula Police Officer Jay Gillhouse at (406) 552-6300.

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