Missoula police are warning Missoula residents of yet another phone scam, this one purportedly claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said this is not even an original phone scam, in that it has been tried in various times in the Missoula area.

"Victims are claiming to be getting phone calls from people who claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service, and they're threatening people with arrest, jail time or even lawsuits, and giving them instructions on how to remedy the situation," Welsh said. "They will then provide another phone number to call where the victim is asked for their social security number."

Welsh said the IRS will only initiate contact through the mail.

"Remember, the IRS will not contact you and make threats such as these," he said. "Never, trust anyone you don't know, with personal information. If you're suspicious, there's probably a good reason. The best course of action is to end such a call, and contact your local IRS office. If you have questions about this scam, or any others you're aware of, please call the Missoula Police Department at (406) 552-6300."