The elections for Missoula School District 1 came to a close tonight, May 7 with a surprising result — all four incumbents lost their seats on the board of trustees.

Drake Lemm was defeated by Ann Wake with 40 percent of the votes to 56 percent, respectively. Scott Bixler and Joe Toth were both also defeated. Bixler received just 12 percent of the vote and Toth received 11 percent. Scott Todd, who was an interim trustee for just less than a year, was not elected to remain on the board either.

While speculation swirls as to the reasons behind this change in leadership, one of the most prominent basis suggested is the controversial raise given to superintendent Alex Apostle. However, Lemm said he was the only incumbent who voted to give Apostle the raise and Todd did not vote on that decision at all.

In addition to Wake, the new trustees are Michael Beers, Julie Tompkins and Diane Lorenzen.

In addition to a change of regime on the board, voters also passed two technology levies for the district that total $850,000

The elementary school levy is projected to cost $14.36 per year for a property valued at $200,000. For the high school, the cost is projected at $4.57 per year based on a home assessed at $200,000.

The funds are intended to be used to replace and repair computers and other devices, to pay for licensing fees and for a small amount for professional training and development.

Lemm, who has been a trustee for 16 years, said that he is more excited about the levies passing than he is upset about losing his position on the board.

School Trustee Drake Lemm