The launch of space shuttle Endeavour was successful Monday morning and is the final flight of that vehicle. In fact, only one more launch is scheduled in the shuttle program.
That triggers some memories of the beginning of the shuttle program.
I've been a space nut since Sputnik (I was a little, little kid), and I remember the glory days of Apollo and the Moon landings. I actually switched TV satellite services because DISH offered the NASA channel and DIRECTV didn't, back at the turn of the century.
So, when I heard that KLYQ could pick up the audio feed of the first space shuttle landing in 1981 with Columbia, I made sure we carried it live on Hamilton's little ol' radio station.
It is one of our 50th anniversary audio tracks and you can hear it by clicking here to go back in time. You'll find a variety of other slices of broadcast history of KLYQ.