National Gas Prices are starting to shed cents, however, this week Montana has seen a slight increase at the pump. 

"Retail gasoline prices are coming down following the same pattern basically that crude oil is going in," GasBuddy Senior Petroleum Analyst Gregg Laskoski said. "You see, crude is coming down from th peak that we saw in early June. It's down about six dollars a barrel off of that peak and the price of oil is also coming down."

Laskoski says the lowest fuel price of Montana is found in Sydney, and the rest of the state should start decreasing as well.

"I think you're more than likely going to see a slow but steady decline," Laskoski said. "It will be gradual it's not going to be a steep decline. I think you'll start to see prices shaving a penny or two per gallon week after week."

The state gas prices have climbed about 11 cents since last month, but are still about 81 cents lower than last year.