Montana Department of Health and Human Services is trying to preempt the re-occurrence of measles in Montana even as the virus has spread to 17 other states. Montana Immunization Program Manager Bekki Wehner says it has been long time since the virus was here.

"Montana hasn't seen a case of measles here since 1990," Wehner said. "It's been a while since measles was here, and obviously, the state would like to keep it that way. We look at what is happening around the nation and with such a mobile population that we have, we see measles happening in some of our neighboring states. So as folks start to travel from there to us, there is always a chance that measles might come with them."

Wehner says the way Montana kept measles at bay is pretty simple

"Montana has been vaccinating our children and adults accordingly," Wehner said. "Vaccination is our best opportunity to prevent measles in our community. So, with recent events, we just ask people to check their vaccination status and make sure that we can keep measles under control should we see a case here."

Those born before 1957 are believed to be immune to virus, but everyone else is advised to check with their doctor to see if their Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccinations are up to date.