The Associated Press reported Tuesday morning that the Obama administration has confirmed the fact that health insurance premiums through HealthCare dot gov will be increasing sharply next year.

The administration admitted that premiums for most benchmark plans, before federal subsidies, will rise by an average of 25 percent. In addition, the number of insurers in the federal marketplace will drop from 232 to 167, a loss of nearly 28 percent.

In response, Montana Senator Steve Daines said the increase will be devastating for many Montana families.

"Montanans are stuck with rate insurance hikes that are more than the jaw dropping 25 percent national average for next year,” Daines stated. “Obamacare isn’t affordable and needs to be replaced with state-driven solutions that puts patients at the center of the healthcare equation.”

Daines went on to state that average increases for Montana’s top three insurance providers range from 27 to 58 percent, with the highest increase for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana policies.