The payoff was a rare view of a total eclipse.

The cost - another rare event in Salmon, Idaho - a traffic jam.

The photo above was taken south of Challis, Idaho, during the Great Eclipse of 2017. Photographer Mike Daniels left Hamilton early in the morning August 21 and arrived at an isolated location in plenty of time with good views of the sun, even with some forest fire smoke. He'd had an easy drive with not much traffic.

On the way back, though, he found out that many, many people had the same idea. The line of northward-bound vehicles at Salmon, Idaho, heading to Lost Trail Pass, stretched quite a distance. Let's just say that the stoplight was busy.

We don't have an estimate of how many "day travelers" there were on that Monday, but the popularity of this eclipse cannot be denied.

And the reports coming in are magnificent. It was, for most folks, worth the trip.