The Montana delegation hosts a gathering called Montana Coffee every Wednesday during sessions of the U.S. Congress.

This photo is from the first get-together with new Montana Representative Ryan Zinke, who took Steve Daine's position, while Daines ran for and was elected to the other Montana U.S. Senate seat.

Sen. Jon Tester said, "The coffee is a tradition that gives the delegation a chance to hear directly from folks and to find common ground."

Sen. Daines agreed, saying, "We know what can be accomplished for Montana when we find areas of agreement. These coffees help lay the groundwork for getting things done for hardworking Montana families."

Rep. Zinke said, "My door is always open to the folks of Montana, and what better way to keep in touch with them and listen to their concerns and ideas than over a cup of coffee."

Montanans interested in attending can RSVP by calling Senator Tester's office in Washington, D.C., at (202) 224-2644.