Quite a few people noticed our recent posting of Greg Dowling's moose photo. Many asked, "What happened after that photo was snapped?"

Greg was cross-country skiing on a groomed trail, and all of sudden, there's a moose ahead of him. The moose stopped. So, he pulled out his camera and took a picture. We posted that earlier this week.

Greg sent the rest of the series, and as you see, there was an initial charge by the moose. But, then it stopped, thought about it for a few moments and decided the opposite direction was better idea.

Moose decides to turn around. (Greg Dowling Photo)

An about-face for the moose.

Moose leaves. (Greg Dowling Photo)

In the wild country that surrounds us here in the Bitterroot Valley, you never know what you'll encounter. This encounter had a happy ending.

Thanks, Greg!