With holiday treats still on every office break room counter, today we celebrate a year-round campfire favorite.

Some folks in Middlesex, Vermont will embark on an ambitious project full of graham and goo, in hopes of making a prototype for the world's largest s'more. AP tells us it is part of their winter solstice celebration this coming Saturday, called Winter S'morstice. So, just how big does a world record s'more have to be?

Revelers will find out Saturday during a celebration that includes music, dancers, food, adult beverages and of course, a sample of S'more-zilla, which a local bakery is making a 4-by-8-foot cracker for, then whipping up the marshmallow and piling on the chocolate so they can serve samples to festival-goers.

So, will they set the record? Well, no. Not this year, anyway. Organizers were too late to pursue a Guinness Book of World Records entry, but if all goes well this weekend, they may try for it next year.

Happy New Year and enjoy, you who adore s'more!