The fight against the Mountain Pine Beetle continues on the Bitterroot National Forest - with Carbaryl spraying this month.

Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest said that campgrounds on the West Fork Ranger District will be first on the schedule this year. If the weather cooperates, the spraying could be completed by the end of the month.

The spray is also combined with placement of pheromone packets on trees. The Verbenone in the packets sends out a scent that discourages the beetles from boring into the bark.

The initial schedule:

  • June 17 - Rombo Campground and Alta Campground
  • June 18-19 - Lake Como (all campgrounds)
  • June 20 - Indian Trees and Spring Culch Campgrounds
  • June 20 - Trapper Creek Job Corps
  • McKay said the affected areas will be closed for one to two days during the treatment. No spraying or closures will happen on the weekends and areas will be posted.

    All campgrounds at Lake Como and some of the day use areas will be closed Monday through Wednesday, June 17-19. That includes Lower Como, Three Frogs, Three Sisters Group, Rock Creek Horse Camp, along with Interpretative Trailhead, Rock Creek Horse Trail, Woods Cabin parking lot.

    The treatment of 1,800 trees will cost about $25,000.