Only "personal use" mushroom permits will be issued this year from the Bitterroot National Forest. Commercial permits will not be available.

Tod McKay of the Bitterroot National Forest said the permits are free at any forest service office and he suggested mushroom pickers also pick up a 2017 Mushroom Guide for tips and recommendations.

Mushrooms, including the sought-after morel mushroom, often pop up in recently burned areas. That would include the roaring Lion area. McKay said harvesters should make sure they are on public land, since much of that fire spread onto private land in the wildland urban interface.

The permit allows a person 5 gallons per day to a limit of 20 gallons per season. (Five gallons is about two grocery bags, McKay said) The mushrooms must be cut in half as you pick them. Only hand picking is allowed.

Be careful and don't block roads and watch out for fast flowing creeks during high water.