Bitterroot National Forest crews will be improving portions of the Willow Creek Road and installing new culverts on the road east of Corvallis. Tod McKay of the forest said the road will be closed during each project this month. First will be a road improvement project with gravel, culverts and brush clearing along the streamside sections of the forest road. There will be heavy truck traffic on weekdays and large equipment on the road during the project. During the culvert installations delays could be up to two hours. The project starts Monday, August 10.

A major new "bottomless arch" culvert will then be installed, starting Monday, August 17. That project should take about three weeks, McKay noted in a news release. The heavy equipment will be parked on the road at the Butterfly Road Crossing, effectively closing the road. Road 969 will not be closed - allowing access to Willow Mountan Lookout and Burnt Fork Lake (see map below).

Willow Creek Road project map. (Bitterroot National Forest)

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