NBC Montana is tracking new information that could help focus a search for a missing University of Montana student.

We learned a Salmon, Idaho, gas station worker claims he talked to 21-year-old Lucius Robbi last week.

Robbi disappeared en route from his job in Idaho to last week's fall orientation as a new student at UM. He was supposed to get to Missoula last Wednesday, but didn't show up.

Robbi's friend tells us his plan was to stop in Stanley, Idaho, then travel the 255 miles to Missoula for school.

Holly Hayes said a service station worker in Salmon, Idaho, reported seeing and talking to Robbi last Wednesday afternoon.

Hayes said the service station worker had a conversation with Robbi, and that he told him he was a student on his way to school at UM.

We called that service station, and talked to another employee, who told us she saw her co-worker talking to the young man, and watched the young man drive away.

Salmon is about 75 miles south of Darby. If the young college student passed through Darby, a surveillance camera that records Main Street hasn't shown his passage.

Darby Marshal Larry Rose has been reviewing the tapes.

"It's kind of a choke point, so he has to come through here," said Rose. "If he was driving this way he would have to come through here on our video system."

Marshal said a Subaru with two orange kayaks on top should be easy to spot. But so far, he hasn't seen anything matching that description coming through.

Hayes told us search teams have been doing an intensive search in the Stanley, Idaho, area. It was in that area where Lucius Robbi's cell phone last gave off a signal.