If Fair Manager Melissa Saville has her way, there will be a Ravalli County Fair in Hamilton this fall. And she is very determined. The date remains the same, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It's September 2nd through September 5th - the Labor day weekend. And this year, there will be some added seating. As an Eagle Scout project, Corbin Kirkland build nine picnic table/benches for use at the county fair. The units were recently stored in the Beef Barn at the fairgrounds (see photo above). He was supported by Massa Home Center and by the Field of Screams Halloween attraction. Melissa said the tables will be distributed throughout the grounds for added seating for the public to gobble up some fair food or to just sit and rest a while. Also, the material for a new handicapped ramp for the grandstands has arrived.

The theme this year is "Blue Jeans and Rodeo Scenes." Melissa mentioned that the annual Ravalli County Fair Books will be distributed very soon and the public can check the different divisions to determine what they want to enter in the exhibitors' section of the end-of-summer event. Thousands of entries are submitted every year in categories from photos to quilts, from all sorts of farm animals to flowers and vegetables. More details are being finalized. If you need more information, call (406) 363-3411.