More cases of Whooping Cough were confirmed by state tests Wednesday and Thursday in Ravalli County.

County Public Health Nurse Judy Griffin said the number of people seeking immunization and check-ups from medical staff in the valley is at a very high level.

She expects more cases to be confirmed before the disease runs its course in the area.

She said the state of Washington had over 1,000 cases of pertussis so far in its current outbreak. And Helena, Montana, is also reporting cases of whooping cough.

Any non-immunized student in the Corvallis or Victor public school districts is  not being  allowed to attend classes for 21 days. If they get immunized, they can return a week earlier, as the vaccination takes affect after two weeks. Officials estimate that there may as many as 100 students who could be affected by the order.

Corvallis Track Coach Spencer Huls said that the team has been affected by the outbreak.

The first confirmed cases of whooping cough in Ravalli County were in the Pinesdale area, which caused officials to close the Pines Academy elementary school for a week.