There's a reason Ravalli County Public Health is not sending out information about vaccine availability in the valley. It's simple, according to Director Tiffany Webber, who wrote in a January 15 news release:

"At this time, we have not received any information or projections of future quantities of vaccine or dates that it may be received by providers in Ravalli County. Additionally, guidelines for distribution have and are expected to continue to change throughout this process."

Because of the uncertainty, the department is NOT offering appointment times and have NOT established a "waiting list." So, your phone calls or emails about those details will not bring you any answers. The staff knows there is a huge interest in the valley about vaccines, but Ravalli County is at the end of a distribution chain where the vaccine supply is nationally allocated and sent to the 50 states, and each state then distributes each batch of vaccines to local providers. Distribution is different in each situation.

Again, Tiffany is asking the public to have patience and not call Public Health with questions about the vaccine availability. When the information becomes available, Public Health will notify the public. At that time, you'll find out about vaccination schedules. Webber assured the community that Public Health is "committed to this process until every Ravalli County resident who wants the vaccine is able to receive it."

Meanwhile, on a daily update, Ravalli County Public Health reported 14 new positive COVID-19 tests on January 14th and 12 cases on January 15. As of Friday afternoon, there were 108 open COVID-19 cases in the valley. Even after the vaccines are widely distributed, you're advised to continue wearing masks, wash your hands often and keep your social circles small.

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