The Sun has been sending surges of energy our way lately and is predicted to cause more Northern Lights on Earth in the near future.

Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the aurora borealis was visible in the Bitterroot Valley, if you were looking north toward Missoula.

Photographer Mike Daniels caught the greenish glow of the Northern Lights and an added treat - the trail of a meteor.

NASA reports a fairly active sunspot group - AR2651 - is moving across the face of the Sun (from Earth's perspective) and could cause more aurora and radio interference in the next week.

As the fickle spring weather allows, keep looking up at night on any clear nights to see possible colors of the aurora. Here's a pretty good site - - that keeps track of aurora and other astronomical notes.

Northern lights April 20 over Missoula. (Mike Daniels, Townsquare Media)