More plane information turned up on Thursday after National Transportation Safety Board investigators arrived in Missoula following a fatal plane crash at Missoula International Airport. Northstar Jet General Manager Kynan Spethman gave KGVO News a firsthand look into what kind of plane was involved.

"So from what we know, it was a 1940 German aircraft called a Bucker Jungmeister, and this particular model was a BU-133, a fixed-wing bi-wing single-engine aircraft," Spethman said. "It was a WWII German trainer is what they were kind of notorious for. Certain folks in the industry would call them a high performance trainer, a bi-wing tail-wheel aircraft."

Spethman said routine stops for more fuel or even a break to stretch your legs is common among single-engine aircraft pilots, but says he can’t think of any difficulties 52-year-old Patrick Carter might have faced flying this particular plane.

"Any airplane you need to be trained in how to operate," Spethman said. "Radial engines or a high maintenance engine compared to more modern aircraft...There's some high maintenance sides that are associated with a radial engine, but you know, nothing standard mechanics can't take care of. Other than that, I really don't have any answers."

As of late Thursday afternoon, there still was no known cause for the crash.