The school election day is May 6th this year. All districts have school board positions coming up for a vote. Others have bond elections. However, not all districts need to hold an election, according to the Ravalli County Election Office. That's the case with Corvallis, Darby and Victor this year. Those districts only have the same number of candidates as there are positions.

For instance, Darby School District has two 3-year positions and Peter Ehmann and Ryan Smith are the only two candidates. They will be elected by acclamation, cancelling mail-in ballots. In Victor, one 3-year position will be filled by Steve Wilson with no election, again by acclamation. And in Corvallis, Michael Hoyt withdrew from the ballot, leaving Kathleen Harder-Brouwer and Todd Wyche to fill two 3-year terms by acclamation.

A slightly different scenario happened at Lone Rock School District. Cory Burkhardt and Raymond Everet Larson Sr. will win the two school board seats by acclamation, but since Lone Rock students go to Stevensville High School, the Lone Rock election will have the Stevensville High School bond issue on its mail-in ballot, along with Michele Brunson, running for the Stevensville school board as the Lone Rock representative.

Mail-in ballots will be issued for Stevensville: (two 3-year seats)
Candidates: Sarah Armijo, Cathleen A. Cook, Allen B. Gates, Barry D. Mills.
Voters will also decide the High School bond issue and Elementary bond issue.

Mail-in Ballots for Hamilton: (three 3-year terms)
Candidates: Clint Burson, Drew Blankenbaker, Jenica Burrows, Tim Campbell, Patrick Hanley.

Mail-in ballots for Florence-Carlton: one 3-year term)
Kimberly Cellan Bauer, Robert Cook, Ben Crocker, Katie Scholl.

The mail-in ballots will be sent out about April 18 and are due back in the Ravalli County Election Office by 8 p.m. May 6th, election day. Voters can either mail them in the enclosed return envelopes or drop them by the ballot box at the County Administration Building on the 200 block of South 4th Street in Hamilton.