OK - only two of these collections are classics - the other one is just an under-rated favorite of mine. Again, these are available in DVD format, but you may have to search for a retailer - probably on-line. This is my second list of collections for you binge-watchers.

First up, "Peter Gunn" from way, way back in the late 50s-early 60s. Craig Stevens was THE private eye in early television days and the producers enhanced the series with an unforgettable soundtrack by Henry Mancini. Once you hear it, you'll say, "Oh, yeah. That one!" The plots are old-fashioned and there are no cellphones or such. Speaking of the past, "Maverick" can be seen regularly on some nostalgia channels, but you can't beat the Maverick brothers in their romps through the wild west. James Garner, Jack Kelly were Brett and Bart and were joined later by Roger Moore as Beau and Robert Colbert as Brent. It was good, "as my pappy used to say." It had a sense of humor, too. Then, speaking of fun, I've added an odd little series from 1990s called "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr" with Bruce Campbell as Brisco. It's a quirky western with a touch of science fiction. Brisco also had a very talented horse, Comet. It's not for everybody, but I got hooked during its TV run. Enjoy!