A letter that was sent out Monday night by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement at the University of Montana explained to chapters on campus of their concerns about "the state of the community" after homecoming week. It also told chapters that from Monday on through the end of October, each house is on additional "social restrictions."

"There were concerns related to drinking, there were concerns related to disorderly conduct, whether it's joking or a serious uncivil discussion, and there were concerns from neighbors, frankly, from the houses in the University neighborhood," VP of Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr said. "When you start to see a pattern or a number of small concerns to come forward, then it's time to be responsive and take action."

Kuhr said chapters and Greek members seem to be responding well and are reinforcing the decision.

"The decision was that this is a time not to be serving alcohol at any of those social events to any of the students who are over 21 and obviously not to anyone underage," Kuhr said. "The focus could really turn to mission, role, expectations, being good neighbors to the University community, to Missoula and to the campus."

A president’s council meeting was held last night to address the issues and how the Greek community as well as each individual chapter can move forward.